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Re: [IP] also have sleep problems related to bg's

Pam, I had somewhat similar experience shortly after pumping, I redcued my
BG averages down slowly so my body got used to lower averages.  I would ask
my doctor for assistance sleeping (like Xanax), or what I DO use sometimes
is herbal remedies (pills), main ingredient that helps is Valerian Root
(spelling?), and these herbs don't have any of the lingering side-effects
that wester medicine pills have.  I buy my Valerian Root/Skull Caps at Whole
Foods, and Trader Joe's sometiems sells Sleep Aid herbs too.  THat may just
help you train your body to sleep at 120 :)  Good luck!
ciao, Brian

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From: "Pam Brown" <email @ redacted>
>  I too have sleep problems related to my blood sugars. If my bg is going
> up or down based on my dinnertime bolus still working or my last meal
> being metabolized, I have trouble falling asleep until it's stabilized.
Also, I
> wake up around 2 or 3a.m. if my sugar drops below about 150. This habit
> 10 years ago before I went on the pump. At that time I would have frequent
> middle of the night lows (but not always, so it was hard to get the right
> bedtime dose of NPH), so I got somewhat paranoid and starting going to bed
> my sugars at around 180. After going on the pump I think I psychologically
> felt that I needed my sugars to be at that level because anytime they drop
> during the night to 150 or less I wake up and have a wide awake jittery
type of
> feeling. Sure enough if I get up to test, which I do most nights, I find
that it
> is 150 or below, and I have to drink some oj or other carb to be able to
> back asleep. Otherwise I'll literally lie there wi!
>  de awake
>   for up to 3 hours. I'm sure it's all in my head, but I can't help it. Of
> course this isn't good for my A1C's, but I've tried over the years to deal
> it and I can't. I suppose if I was willing to go several nights with
barely any
> sleep I would overcome this problem, but I'm not willing to do that. Does
> else have this sort of problem or does anyone have any suggestions on how
> handle it? Pam. DX 14 yrs., pumping 10 yrs. Just started with Paradigm.
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