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Re: [IP] Life's Fairness and Standing In Line

Jenny, I liked your story about your father.  I'm sorry you haven't met some
of the folks in California that I have!  Although I've certainly met all
sorts of selfish a**h*les all over the United States, I continually meet
countless friendly, giving, philanthropic, compassionate, and selfless
people here in California.  In fact, San Francisco is one of the few places
in the USA that my efforts as a Social Worker actually feels appreciated.
Take care and happy pumping!
ciao, Brian

age 26, dx 6, pumping 8/99, blue MM508 named Skylar

ps. Jenny, your doggies are all adorable!

> >
> > So beautifully said.....Thank you, it was wonderful to read. Tina
> I have had a good chuckle on this thread. It reminded me of my sweet
> who at 88, gave up his driver's license. But before that from the time I
> came home in '92 until the year 2001, we would either go out to the store
> ourselves or with my fella doing the driving later, and I'd see a close
> place, thinking of dad and saying..."Hey, there's a close one"...
> My dad would just say quietly, "Oh, let's leave those for the old
> AW! He was a wee guy of 5'4" and at 87-88 years old, whatever, it was so
> cute to hear that!
> In this day of selfishness and the 'Me first' attitudes by most everybody
> our here in California, it was a refreshing change and reminder of a
> time.
> -- Times are bad. Children no longer obey their parents, and everyone is
> writing a book.
>      - All from Marcus Tullius Cicero, 106 - 43 BC
> Jenny Sutherland
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> http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Mac_X/
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