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Re: [IP] not knowing about diabetes-Rodney (reps wearing pumps)

    As I said in the first e-mail... >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>the only people I
know who have a little idea of what it is to be a pumper ...are parents..
and wife/husband/spouse who see what its like 24/7.. and watch what DM does
to their loved one and know a pump is only a tool to get thru another day

Subject: Re: [IP] not knowing about diabetes-Rodney (reps wearing pumps)

> Hey Rodney,
>   What you said had a lot of merit.  But I'm wondering if as a parent of a
> young child who has had diabetes for over half of his life now, if that
> make me someone who has atleast some kind of idea of what it is that
> with diabetes goes through???

see above

> Wearing a pump does not make someone know more about being diabetic but it
> does give them some knowledge on what it means to have a pump attached to
>  24/7, the logistics of it all. I know when I wore Josh's backup for two
> I also carried a meter and 'checked my BGs' and 'bolused' (saline) at
> ratios and had to write everything down.  Having that pump on made me VERY
>  aware of every time I ate, every time I drank something, how I slept at
> how
> I wore my clothes.
> So you are right Rodney, I might not have diabetes, and I might not
>  experience the physical realities of what goes on with highs and lows but
> 6 years
> of helping my son deal with all of that I think (mind you I said I
'think') I
> might have a pretty fair understanding of what it is that all diabetics go
> through each and every day

see above

   I saw my mom, work very hard to control her diabetes... all my life she
had taken 4 to 5 shots aday from the first on in the 1930's until she passed
away. But it was not until I was 21 and got DM, I began to understand what
she had to do. She was going to start on a pump after seeing how it had
helped me... put it was to later for her. You as a parent do understand ...
you are in away sharing Joshua diabetes... because you act as his
coach/brain... you share in the work he does... when things work right you
are happy... when they don't you want to learn, to take action, and try to
understand why it didn't.

> Sorry for the soap box.....I'm stepping down now!
> Sylvia
> mom to Joshua

No need stand on a soap box.... break it down and make it a soap box racer
and go racing and have fun.

see above for it is one of my Hot Buttons and it is a YMMV thing

                            REMEMBER TO SMILE AND BE HAPPY


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