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Re: [IP] front of the line -- a true, weird story

Oh that's a funny story!  I don't like abuses of the 'system' any more than
anyone else.  But I have also learned to appreciate all people's unique
circumstatnces and experiences.  Diabetes expresses itself in all sorts of a
continuum of montrosities in different people.

On another note, I discovered last year [the hard way] that the big concerts
all have medical teams on site.  My boyfriend took me to a U2 concert last
year at the Oakland Coloseum.  While the opening band No Doubt was playing,
I got dizzy and nauseus (sp?) and realized I was getting low.  I used my
LAST test strip (oops, I hate that!) and learned I was 79, not terrible but
I was certain in was going low.  I ate my Nutrigain bar and waited... I got
lower and lower, so I sat down against the wall (we were in the pit), and I
wasn't there probably 2 minutes before guards were calling on the radio that
they're bringing someone to Med 1.  I told them I was fine, but they wanted
to take me anyway.  So off I went.  There was a team of eight doctors!  THey
had all sorts of food, fried chicken, soup, crackers, chips, gatorade, sugar
coke.  I recovered quickly with gatorade and crackers.  But it was funny, I
missed the rest of No Doubt becuase I got in such deep conversation about
pump therapy with the doctors!  Boy was my boyfriend scared when I got back
and told him what happened, oops forgot he didn't know where I was.

ciao, Brian
age 26, dx 6, puping 8/99, blue MM508 named Skylar

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Sent: Thursday, June 19, 2003 7:52 PM
Subject: Re: [IP] front of the line -- a true, weird story
> Here's a weird, true story...
> In 1979, a few years before I was diagnosed with DM, a woman I was dating
> wanted to sneak into a Bruce Springsteen concert with me. She was in a
> physician's assistant program, which gave her an idea that we followed. We
> went to the concert hall's side door during the show. She said to the
> that I was diabetic (I wasn't and knew absolutely nothing about diabetes),
> and that we had left the concert to get my insulin and had left our
> inside. I nodded yes and lamely backed up her story. It didn't work. A few
> years later, I was diagnosed. Now I know all about diabetes.
> Strange...
> Jeff B.
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