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Re: [IP] Important Insulin Pump Question (reps wearing pumps)

Very well spoken Rodney!  I think we should keep "reps wearing pumps" in
perspective.  I think I would react angrily if I heard a rep say "I know
what it's like..." But I think it is more helpful for the rep to be able to
explain their product (to the capacity possible) if they've used it for a
few days so they can explain more comprehensively to prospecitve customers
how OTHER pumpers use the product.  In other words, I think it's great that
reps wear them to help them empathize with customers, but NOT so they can
tell us they know what it's like or how to do things.  My 2 cents.
ciao, Brian

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Rodney F. Mead, Jr." <email @ redacted>
> Pumpers and Friends,
>     Hi Barbara  :-)  ... do you want to tell everyone what I think of this
> idea!

> for those of you who have not been a member of IP as long as some of us...
> let me tell you what I think of this.... you can del now if you like... it
> is one of my hot button things......

> NOW DARE SOMEONE OR SOME COMPANY think that by wearing a pump for a few
> days... makes them understand what it is to be a pumper... BU** SH** until
> they must take insulin via a pump.. do the blood tests... make a fool out
> themself from a low of 20... deal with the 500 blood sugar... when they
> everything RIGHT and still is out of control... to know one day unless
> is a CURE found that diabetes will kill them... only then will I think it
> ok for a rep to wear a pump..... to know that it is to be a pumper you
> to be a diabetic who need to take insulin to LIVE. The last person that
> me they wore a pump for a whole week... I told nice but when are you going
> to die.. until you do you have no idea what it is about... the only people
> know who have a little idea of what it is to be a pumper ...are parents..
> and wife/husband/spouse who see what its like 24/7.. and watch what DM
> to their loved one and know a pump is only a tool to get thru another day.
> And I will ask everyone to the pump makers what or if they do this.
>                             REMEMBER TO SMILE AND BE HAPPY
>                                                           Rodney
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