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[IP] RE: more on line skipping

>  First of all, you don't go to the front of the line, you go to a separate
> entrance.

Not always.  Sometimes the "special access" is actually the EXIT (causing
traffic flow problems).  Sometimes it's a ramp that merges with the main
line close to the ride itself.  Sometimes, but not very often, it really IS
a separate entrance, but in 234 roller coasters and ~50 amusement parks,
I've found that's the exception, not the rule.

In all these cases, people using the "special access" lines require ride
operators to take the time to come over, halt the progress of the normal
line and in some cases cause the ride to totally shut down.  Let the special
access people on.  THEN start the normal procedure back up again.

If you don't NEED the special access, using it is very inconsiderate to
EVERYONE else out there.  It's selfish, short-sighted, and hinders the poor
folks who actually DO need it.

I think more parks should do this like Cedar Point, in Sandusky, Ohio.
Their system is intelligent and FAIR.  Go ahead, GET the "exit pass" there.
What happens is you go to the main entrance, they take your pass and stamp a
time on it.  That time is how long you'd wait in the actual line.  Then,
when that time comes, you go to the special access gate (on some rides, it's
an elevator up to the platform; on others, it's up the exit ramp), where
they double-check the time, and let you on.  You don't get "skip"
priviliges, you still wait the same amount of time as everyone else
(sometimes slightly less, sometimes slightly MORE, depending on how well
they estimated the wait time).

That's also how the "virtual queue" systems that "anyone" can get (which
have been referenced several times in this thread) work, by the way.  You
don't SKIP the line, you merely don't have to stand in it.  That's a mixed
bag -- from the park's perspective, the less people standing in line, the
more people are out on the midways, spending money on food, souvineers, and
games, BUT frequently VQ systems slow down the overall operations of the
ride, for the reasons I cited above.  (FastLane at Disney, FreeWay at Cedar
Point, FastPass and Q-Bot at various Six Flags parks; I believe Universal
Studios has implemented something, but I'm blanking on the name; other parks
may have them implemented under different names, but I haven't seen them if

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