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[IP] RE:  Front of the lIne

 First of all, you don't go to the front of the line, you go to a separate
Second of all, judge not, lest ye be judged!
 You do not know about anyone but yourself. You are responsible for you, not me,
or Summer or anyone on the list. If Disney gives these special considerations,
they must regard them as necessary.
 A person that is photosensitive isn't handicapped, but they would benefit from
a pass at Disney, too.

Laura wrote:

>Susan:  So if you told anyone you knew that you obtained a special pass for
>Disneyland because you are a diabetic, what reason are you giving for needing
>the pass? "I need a special pass because.....????" Because you have diabetes
>or wear a pump?
> If you are capable of standing in a line, then where oh where is your
>Did anyone think of the fact that you could have a problem such as a low, just
>as easily on a ride as waiting for a ride? Like someone else said, take your
>meter take your glucose tabs and sunscreen and go be a normal tourist.
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