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[IP] Make up your mind. Was: front of the line

This topic is rather interesting.  There are two different viewpoints.  
Actually, I find the issue rather contradictory. 

As "people with diabetes" (I prefer the term diabetics), many have been 
fighting for being treated "normal", and getting upset at the either 
disregard for understanding the disease or the overly "special 
treatment" diabetics (oops, sorry...people with diabetes) seem to get, 
making them feel less than normal. In a sense, they want to be seen 
like everyone else.

On the other hand, diabetics (argh...people with diabetes) want special 
treatment when it comes to things such as insurance coverage, handicap 
access (i.e., the front of the line), driving/flying priviledges, etc.

Here's the reality:

1. As "people with diabetes", we are NOT normal, and it is very likely 
that we will NOT be normal in our lifetimes.  We have a disease that 
can (and often does) cause significant complications, including heart 
disease, blindness, amputations, etc.)

2. Despite number 1, we have one of the most controllable and livable 
diseases.  With some effort and care, a person with diabetes can live 
an almost entirely normal life (if it weren't for having to constantly 
monitor BGLs, inject or pump insulin, etc.).  Diabetics are capable of 
accomplishing nearly anything they want...including standing in line at 
an amusement park!

3. Diabetes can and will limit an individual.  Diabetics have to be 
more selective in what they can do, just as an amputee or paraplegic, 
etc, has to limit their choices in life.  It won't matter if my life-
long dream is to be an airline pilot or not...as a diabetic, it just 
isn't nor SHOULD it be allowed. 

4. On the other hand, if a diabetic is careful, they can easily make 
lemonade from lemons.  In those areas (most areas) that diabetics can 
operate, they should do so to the best of their abilities, not letting 
the disease become any sort of excuse.  

For those who wish to be put in the "front of the line" due to their 
diabetes, remember that such a stance "undoes" some of the work other 
diabetics have been doing in trying to educate people about.  If I 
can't stand in line at an amusement park due to my diabetes...that 
means I'm not doing my job as a diabetic in taking the proper 
precautions, etc., necessary to BE at an amusement park.  Why, then, 
should I be "rewarded" for such lack of preparation by getting a 
special pass to be moved to the front of the line?  

I've worked my life ensuring that diabetes NEVER became an excuse for 
anything.  Some of my friends, at times, would criticize me when I 
would get some "special" treatment due to having a low (basically, 
suggesting that I was making up having low blood sugar to get something 
I wanted).  Since that time, I've always made sure that I NEVER tried 
to use my diabetes to take advantage of anything.  Yes, there are 
legitimate times I have needed to "step out" due to a low, etc...but, I 
will never use my diabetes as a method to get something that I wouldn't 
get otherwise.

Someone mentioned that going to the front of the line is fine 
because "life isn't fair".  Well, I say that it is because life isn't 
fair that we SHOULDn'T go to the front of the line.  It isn't "fair" 
that any of us got diabetes...but we did.  No point in "punishing" the 
rest of the world as a result.  To this day, I feel "guilty" (in a 
sense) about the strain I place on the economy through medical costs.  
Basically, my diabetes is costing plenty of healthy people a lot of 
money.  I don't need to take any more from the general public by 
getting "front of line" status.

Just my rantings. :-)

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