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Re: [IP] Re: front of the line

>>Oh, and about insulin and the temps----I have never noticed any
 with the weather. I now live where it gets to 105 sometimes in August.
always think of Florida as being so much hotter than other places--not
 so--except during the nice winter months when the rest of us are freezing
comfortable down in the Miami area. I do  remember snow one year in Miami

I must weigh in on this insulin and temperature item as well. During Desert
Storm 1 I spent 9 wonderful months in the deserts of Saudi Arabia and had
no problems. Sure there was quite a bit of dust from the sand blowing but
that was no problem either. The insulin was not affected by the
temperatures (which sometimes reached as high as 120) at all. The only
precautions that I took was to change the reservoir and tubing every other
day and the site usually stayed for 5.

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