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Re: [IP] Life's Fairness and Standing In Line

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From: "Chance Fisher" <email @ redacted>
To: <email @ redacted>
Sent: Thursday, June 19, 2003 2:29 PM
Subject: [IP] Life's Fairness and Standing In Line

> We as people with diabetes are NOT entitled to anything but what every
> individual in this country is entitled to.  Having diabetes is not an
> instant claim to privileges.  Each one of us should be proud and lucky to
> among the "regular" population, to be accepted in the work force, to be
> validated as worthy individuals who CAN have a family, who CAN hold down
> gainful avenues in life and who CAN hold their own and NOT let this damn
> disease characterize us as weak.  Be PROUD to stand in the line and NOT be
> treated as different and rushed to the front of the line.  Be PROUD to be
> treated as an individual, not a helpless person with diabetes that needs
> constant pampering.

> Life is not fair to some extent to all of us.  But I am lucky and grateful
> that in life's unfairness, I can actually be treated as just another
> somebody.  Not special because I have a disease. I'm special because I
> an exceptional prowess at hockey and bocce ball.  Special because as a
> veterinarian I will go beyond the call of duty without taking expense and
> time in consideration when I care for someone's pet that may not have
> received that care due to the financial state of it's owner.  I am special
> because I feel loved.
> There are cases when individuals need to be taken to the front of the line
> or afforded certain accommodations, that we can not question this at all.
> But be glad that most of us as individuals with this disease can stand in
> line.  Remember those that cannot.
> So, as some of the people with diabetes may rush to the front of the line,
> will smile and say no thank you, I would like to stand here with the
> others...and Still I Will Rise.
> Chance

Thank you Chance.

You said it so much better than I possibly could.

That attitude of needing to have special treatment because "I an a diabetic"
and can't stand in line or can't __________(fill in the blank) is exactly
what fosters the restrictions imposed on driving by the DMV or restrictions
by the FAA, or Scuba Diving Coaches, etc., etc., etc. YOU CAN'T HAVE IT BOTH
WAYS! Special privileges encourage restrictions.

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