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[IP] Re: front of the line

Hooray to you, Eric for stating what I wanted to at the beginning of this 
"issue".  Having been to Disney World over 40 times, pre-pump and post-pump, I 
never felt the need to be like those in wheelchairs or on crutches.  Thank the 
good Lord I can walk, have my arms, eyes, hearing.  So I wear a little machine 
on me that gives me insulin.  Didn't we all go on them to make us more 
 "normal"? Ok, now I probably started something. If I get chewed out, oh well. I
not like to be labeled special.  I hate labels.  Have you ever encountered 
 children and adults who have labels suck to them by medical personnel? They use
their labels or a lot of them do for their actions.  I am a person who 
 happens to need a little extra punch to help my over-sweetness! Not a disabled
 person. Someday, if I lose my sight, my kidneys my legs or my arms--then I will
consider myself disabled, not until.

Oh, and about insulin and the temps----I have never noticed any difference 
 with the weather. I now live where it gets to 105 sometimes in August. People
always think of Florida as being so much hotter than other places--not 
 so--except during the nice winter months when the rest of us are freezing they
comfortable down in the Miami area. I do  remember snow one year in Miami and 

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