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Re: [IP] Life's Fairness and Standing In Line

I have been sitting back just Listening to this "argument" develop over 
 moving to the front of the line or not. The whole time thinking "Why would
want to be treated different just because they have to stick their finger or 
push a few buttons before they eat ?" That certainly is not something that I 
 want. I don't consider myself "special" because of this. I do the same things
everyone else. I just wear my pancreas on my waist band and have to instruct 
it what to do and when. Nothing special there. Just different. 
       Chance, you should be very proud of all that you accomplished. Not 
because you have diabetes or wear a pump but because of all the hard work it 
would take anyone to do what you have done ! Keep up the good work.
       I will not be moving to the front of the line or asking to be treated 
different. I will take what life has dealt me and stand in line with all the 
other people who, if you ask them, could probably find something in their life 
that they think should qualify them to move to the front of the line, but 
       Enjoy your ride and I will enjoy mine !
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