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Re: [IP] Important Insulin Pump Question (reps wearing pumps)

 Well obviously wearing the pump won't make them know what its like to be a
diabetic I think the point of them wearing the pump is so they know what it is
like TO WEAR A PUMP - so when your thinking of buying and you sat to the rep,
well I donno, how will I sleep with it - they can chime in, well I just tuck it
under my pillow etc. Simply so they can get the feel of it being there 24/7 and
be able to answer some questions.
 I know up here before any kids are placed on the pump the parents get to wear
one for a week to get the feel of it too - were not gonna start calling them
diabetics - but they now have a feel of the pump and when their small child
starts complaining that the pump is in the way they will have a little
experience on where to move it too etc.

 I hardly doubt any of the sales reps now call themselve Diabetic, they most
likly just say I'm wearing an insulin pump for work.

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

> HOW DARE SOMEONE OR SOME COMPANY think that by wearing a pump for 
> a few
> days... makes them understand what it is to be a pumper... BU** 
> SH** 
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