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[IP] Special Assistance Cards

>Also I've heard that people on here have goten a special pass in >order to
 >wait in line at Disney world and such parks - how do you go about >this
and is it just for kids or can I get one too?(I'm 21) and does the >pass
cover the people
>I'm with too? - Might as well get something good out of this whole
>Diabetes thing!!!

I do not understand why you would want to scam the park for a "special
pass", and take them away form people who really need them. Such as people
in wheel chairs, or children with Autism etc (who are really unable to wait
in a long line). I personally have never wanted people to think of me as
being disabled and by asking for "special passes" you are telling them that
that is exactly what we are.  If you do have a physical handicap or have
nuropathy that I am unaware of I think you should get a pass. But just
because you are a diabetic, I feel that that is no reason. Be like everyone
else, wear a hat, bring some glucagon with you and enjoy your trip.

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