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[IP] Insulin potency vs temperature

Hi all.

I've collected a number of sources that show that insulin has an
extremely long shelf life. I thought it would be useful to post this
information to the group.

Diagnosis and Management of Diabetes Mellitus, 2nd ed.
Olson, Charles O., Raven Press (New York, 1988), page 64

  NPH, all Lentes, and PZI, are stable for 24 months at room
  temperature. All insulins are stable for 36 months under

Galenics of Insulin
Brange, Jens, Springer-Verlag (New York, 1990), Table 16, page 59

The time to 2%/5% potency reduction at various temperatures:

              39 deg F      59 deg F      77 deg F      104 deg F

Actrapid      36/92 yrs     5/13 yrs     12/31 months   5/14 weeks
Ultralente    19/48 yrs     2/5 yrs       4/10 months   1/3 weeks

Stability and sterility of biosynthetic human insulin stored in
plastic insulin syringes for 28 days
Tarr BD, Campbell RK, Workman TM
Am J Hosp Pharm 1991 Dec 48:2631-4

  The potency of insulin in each of the biosynthetic human insulin
  products [regular, isophane, combination, and extemporaneously
  prepared combination] did not change significantly during the 28-day
  study... at both temperature settings [39 deg F & 80 deg F].

Stability of U-10 and U-50 dilutions of insulin lispro
Stickelmeyer MP, Graf CJ, Frank BH, Ballard RL, Storms SM
Diabetes Technol Ther 2000 Spring 2:61-6

  Insulin lispro when diluted with the appropriate diluent
  demonstrates acceptable stability when stored at [41 deg F] and [86
  deg F] for a period of 32 days.

If anyone has additional sources to add to this list or *contradictory
studies* (no case histories, please), let me know.

regards, Andy
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