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[IP] I say go for it and let us know if you can too!

 I think if you can get a pass to ahead 1st in Life go for it because having
diabetes slows you down and lose precious minutes off your daily routine and
life why not catch up a little when you can and hopefully you can enjoy a FULL
day not a 1/2 day.
 Diabetics get screwed all the time between health insurance fees to jobs so go
for it!
 I just got terminated at my job after having an insulin pupm for 1 year..now
they say its hazordous to my health because they changed my hours (they are
having$$ money problems) so that I would be working by myself which means the
only thing a pumper cant do is go into a MRI machine...Im a MRI tech!!! I would
take off my pump occasionaly and I worked with a co-worker so it never was an
issue until they said your job has been upgraded from part- to full time and you
will work 10-6:30 instead of 8:30 -5
 so needless to say Ive been trying everything to keep my job including taking
FMLA so that I could keep my health benefits which is a reason I work!
 anyway I got canned last week because I use an insulin pump..not fair..seems
illegal, well theyve already sucked the life out of me and an employer basically
can do whatever they want! Im costing them a boatload in insurance fees just for
my pump supplies!
 so for all the time I have wasted fighting to get nowhere but extend my
benefits out another month..If I could Id take a FREE pass to the front of the
line and so would my family!
 let me know if it works..then maybe Id have the ambition to bring my kids there
ages 7-6-3

 Dawn Vesneske partylite Candle Consultant & Recruiter847-740-8851
email @ redacted
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