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[IP] Re: Atkins diet

>email @ redacted wrote:
> > Do you tend to eat a lot less because you eat low carb ... because, 
> >honestly, I
> >think that if I took all high carb foods out of my diet, I might end up not
> >eating at all.
Actually, I consume more calories when low-carbing than on 
traditional high-carb diets and lose weight while doing 

> > I'm not a vegetarian, but I really don't eat much meat, simply 
> >because I don't
> >care for it, (I like chicken, fish ... and most unhealthy meat such as
> >hamburgers and fried stuff) - Is it possible to eat a low carb diet without
> >eating mostly meat?
If you don't eat meat, you would then be limited to eggs 
and cheese for your protein sources. If you like fish, 
chicken, and hamburgers then just eat those. The fish and 
chicken are healthy sources of protein.

> > I'd like to try to cut back on carbs in order to decrease spiking 
> >of BG's after
> >eating and lose a bit of weight ... but I'm just not sure what I can 
> >eat without
> >making a salad every day (I love salad but making it takes too long)
You can buy already prepared salads in grocery stores now. 
Or, make a salad big enough to last a week.

Cindy, mom to 16 y/o Noah, dx age 9, pumping since 6/99
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