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Re: [IP] Low carb diet for kids

> Has anyone tried a low carb diet with children?  My 12 year old son
> (pre-puberty, very thin) loves carbs, especially at breakfast.  I
> thought I might try cutting back on the number of grams of
> carbohydrates to see if his blood sugars improve.  But I am having a
> hard time coming up with lower carb versions of his favorite
> breakfast foods- pop tarts (ugh, I know...), toast, bagels, cereal. 
> He's not a big fan of eggs, though will eat them if we're doing a
> fasting level.  I'm also trying to stock the kitchen with lower
> glycemic foods that kids like.  Any suggestions?  Thanks. Kathy

Kids need calories to grow. Unless he is overweight I think you need 
to deal with the bg problems in another fashion. Talk to his 
pediatrician about dietary needs of adolescent kids. At this age, he 
is about to start eating you out of house and home. Restricting his 
calorie intake would be counter-productive to what nature intend.

Michael (with 2 -13 yo's at home).
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