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Re: [IP] Carpal tunnel surgery


I have had both hands done for carpal tunnel and have had six fingers with 
trigger fingers released (3 each hand) done in the last 9 years or so.  Only 
once was two of the surgeries done at the same time.  After not eating since 
 midnight (I called the hospital and found out it was really ??? or so many
 since water or food) this helped the time that my surgery was set for 10:30 am.
rather than 7:00 am.  After changing endos, the last three surgeries were 
 much easier because I would set the alarm at 3 am just to test and if I was not
 in a good range (high or low) I would do it by setting a temporary basal rather
than even eating a glucose tab.  This sure saved me from feeling nauseated on 
the drive home.  All other times before the hour drive home I would get 
 nauseated in the car. No, I never vomited but I sure felt like it. My endos
always also had a discussion with the anesthesia doctors.  One time I walked 
into the hospital with a 102 blood sugar and after much pussy footing around I 
point blank asked them what was wrong.  They were afraid of the "low" blood 
 sugar so I decreased my basal for a half hour and they were happy with it being
150 going into the operating room.  I asked them if per my endo I was to be on 
a dextrose drip or on a saline only drip.  When they told me a saline only 
 drip with the possibility of dextrose being added if needed I told them I would
leave the temporary basal on through surgery.  They stayed happy, did not give 
me the dextrose, my blood sugar never rose above 165, and within 20 minutes 
of me being in recovery, I stopped the lower temporary basal to my normal for 
that day.  

Surgery itself lasted about 30 minutes.  I was usually home within 5 hours.  
With an hour drive that makes me at the hospital about 3 hours.  Then loving 
husband goes to the pharmacy for the pergoset which I use one that day and one 
each the next two nights to be sure I get a good night sleep.  Other than that 
it is two 500 mg Tylenol.

The only thing I always made sure of was that any time they did surgery on my 
right hand, I would not be expecting my period.  I just couldn't figure out 
how I would work out hygiene stuff without the use of my right hand for about 
1/2 of a week while the big bandages were on.

Good luck, and write me back if you have any questions, but realize that my 
experiences are and can be much different than yours.  Keep in good contact 
with your doctor and have them be communication to one another!

One thing that I think would be common, I often use my upper arm for my 
 infusion set, I could not put it in the arm that was having surgery because of
nerve block or whatever it was that they put that arm to sleep with.  It just 
would not have worked.

Cee Dee
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