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[IP] Front-of-the-line passes and diabetes

Ok, time for the resident roller coaster enthusiast to poke his head in
again.  I rarely post to this list anymore, but believe me I've got an
opinion on THIS one...

I've ridden hundreds of roller coasters (and even more "flatrides"),
literally all over the world.  I've probably spent more time at parks this
year than many of you have in your lifetimes.  Does that make me any more
entitled to an opinion on this subject?  Not really, but it does offer more
background -- spending that much time in the park means I've observed all
sorts of behaviors, and given a lot of thought to subjects like this one.

Am I aware that I COULD get a front-of-the-line pass?  You bet.  Do I use
it?  Very rarely, but it depends on the situation.

I am perfectly healthy and capable of waiting in a line.  For as much as
diabetics try to avoid being classified as "handicapped", for the most part
I think most of us would want to avoid using the special access entrance to
a ride.  People with crutches or wheelchairs are one thing.  On many rides,
using a handicapped entrance slows the entire process down.  If nothing
else, you may be slowing up someone who actually DOES need assistance.  And
believe me, from experience, the STARES you draw as a perfectly ambulatory
rider coming up the special access ramp are enough to make you reconsider.
Be considerate.  Diabetes does NOT entitle you to special treatment in cases
like this.

However, there ARE extenuating circumstances.  Some parks have very (overly
IMHO) strict rules about what you can take with you in the line.  Rules
about what you can take on the ride are one thing (sensible precautions -- a
few years ago a woman was hit by a flying cellphone on a roller coaster when
a fellow rider stupidly tried making a call mid-ride), but some parks try to
restrict what you can even bring in the queue with you.  When faced with an
hour long line AND being told I must surrender my meter and candy to a
locker before entering the line, in that case I WILL request an exit pass.
That situation is potentially dangerous.  As far as I know, though, Disney
is NOT one of those parks, although I haven't been to a Disney park in over
a decade -- Busch Gardens Tampa and Islands of Adventure in Florida, or
Knott's Berry Farm and Six Flags Tragic (er, Magic) Mountain in California
are more my speed.

"Classic case of rebuilding the airframe while the plane's in flight..." --
Don Brinker
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