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Re: [IP] stinging at site

I changed my site this morning. prep'd the site the same way I always do.
now when I bolus, the first  couple clicks, it stings. pushing on the site,
it's not sore to touch.

any suggestions?

Sure, but first what pump? It can be many things, your pump delivers fast...
type of insulin using... type of set used... to deep ... how set was put
in... that part of your body don't like insulin.. so it burns... SO RECORD
everything... where set was placed...type of set.. insulin used..

Fix could be slow down deliver if you can... take bolus in smaller parts...
use another type of set... or placement.
If site is working what I would do is keep it... but if I could not change
how fast deliver... try this as it works for me at time as I have one place
on my side that burns on bolus is that I push down on site as I start bolus
for a few second. I have had problems with kind of insulin burnning when I
bolus... changed insulin no burning.

ITS a YMMV kind of thing... ask your diabetic team what you need to do.
just a few things off the top of my head.....

Well, I'm on the road again. Camp has start... I have a truck of supplies to
take down... 187 totes... 31 tents ... 2 computers... full 6' medchest too.

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