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No Subject

   I've been on the basal rate 0.3 units per hour for 24/7 schedule so far to
date. If you remember I've had problems with getting enough unbroken sleep.
Well, it seems my basal rate has influenced that problem. Recently I
experimented by reducing the basal to 0.2 units per hour during sleep with
some success. Then I went one step further and reduced my basals to a 0.15
units per hour by programing a pattern on the Paradigm of an alternating 0.2
and 0.1 units per hour. So far does seem to work in getting a restful sleep.
My BS upon waking has been generally about 120 with the reduced basal rate.
Previously it has been 80-100 when I woke up with the 0.3 basal rate. This
leads me to the conlusion my hypoglycemic awareness of my body would stimulate
me enough to wake me up prematurely. Anyway I just wanted to share that if
anybody else maybe experiencing the same problem.
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