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Re: [IP] front of the line?

I don't mean to start a flame war but I don't understand why me being
diabetic means that I "deserve" to go to the front of the line. I
certainly understand if someone has problems walking, is wheelchair
bound, etc. etc. But I do not think being Type I means a person should
go in front of everyone who has waited their due course.

I could not agree more Eric. I understand that some are a whole lot more
worse off than me. I also understand that some cheat the system and try to
milk it because they are a Diabetic. Well, God Bless Them if they do or if
they don't. I can only speak for me and as for myself I will not skip line
or play the system if I am willing and able to stand in line. However, if I
or anyone else has trouble standing, problems with their feet or any other
issue that hampers their enjoying themselves to the fullest extent, then by
all means jump in the front of the line. I will not mind, and if anyone
else does.....Tough. I also do not feel that 20 years of shots and sticking
my finger entitles me to any special treatment just because the line is
long and it may be hot outside.

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