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I have had the same thing, but I see their logic.  You have insulin on
board that is working on the 184 from the previous food.  You should
bolus without the correction bolus.  The pump will deliver the meal
bolus.  Later when checking the BG you can make a correction bolus.  My
time for insulin duration is set at 3 1/2 hours.  So it will always take
into account insulin on board for the 3/12 hours.  You could always set
it shorter, if your endo thinks you should.  Hope that is of some small
help.  Keep us posted if you get better information.
Bob from Peoria

>>> email @ redacted 8:09:42 PM 6/18/03 >>>
Well, today I discover another Cozmo problem for little pumpers. I gave
my son
some "Fruit Gushers" (bad mommy, he won't be having any of them again)
& though
I bolused for 40 carbs, his numbers went HI. So I did a correction
bolus. Two
1/2 hours later I tested him & he was at 184 - pretty good right? (His
range is
100 - 200). So he wants an ice cream sandwich (I gave him 1/2, good
mommy) and
bolused for 14 grams + a correction bolus for 184 bg level. The Cozmo
says that
"bg level will drop below target (150), no bolus recommended" (or
something to
that effect). Now, I just gave the kid 1/2 of an ice cream sandwich,
he's at 184
& the pump says I shouldn't give any insulin to cover? I called
Joshua's CDE,
she said that I should bolus for 14 grams without the correction & she
call Deltec to figure out why the Cozmo was calculating insulin on
board that
was still bringing down a high bg level.

Does this make sense? Am I explaining this wrong or am I missing
something. I
thought "a carb is a carb" & needed to be "bolused" unless treating a


Mom to Joshua, 3, dx'd. @ 20 mos.-Pumping Cozmo 6/3/03 & Jessie 21
western Massachusetts

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