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Re: [IP] Re: anyone tried the new OneTouch UltraSmart?

I have been using the Ultra Smart for about two weeks now and I love 
it.  It's basically a One Touch Ultra with the Insight software built 
in.  The ads all show the graph of the blood sugars, but what I find 
really useful is the statistical information.  It gives you average 
before/after meal readings (as well as morning and night)  for the past 
7, 14, 30, 60 , or 90 days. It also can keep track of  meals (carbs, 
fat, calories) , exercise,  Dr's visits, and test results.  I showed it 
to my endo and he was thrilled at the data it could produce.

I got mine at Walmart for $89, then got a $50 rebate ($20 for just 
buying it and $30 for trading in a non-OneTouch meter).


Bob,  dx 10/1990, pumping since 3/2003 with the Dtron+

email @ redacted wrote:

> I have been using the OneTouch Ultra since it came out and I love it. I have
 >seen the new OneTouch UltraSmart advertised and am wondering if anyone has
>it?? Is it worth trading up from my current meter? Any pros/cons to share??
>dx'd 01/92 age 15
>paradigming since 11/02
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