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Re: [IP] Re: low carb diet

Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2003 02:29:19 -0400
From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] Re: low carb diet

Hi Marianne, see my responses below, just from my own experience.

You wrote:

Many people have been talking about eating low carb, or atkins diets;
but I have a more general question about these diets:

What exactly DO you eat?

I answer:

Hi.  I eat meat and vegetables and soy products.  I don't eat a lot of fatty
red meat although I do eat red meat occasionally.  I eat tuna fish, chicken,
a good fatty fish like salmon every week.  I have learned to enjoy tofu they
make some delicious brands out there now.  But even without soy products,
there's plenty of food out there.

You wrote:

 Do you tend to eat a lot less because you eat low carb ...
because, honestly, I
think that if I took all high carb foods out of my diet, I might end up not
eating at all.

I answer:

I do eat less I think, because the foods I eat are higher on the saitey
index, that is, it takes less to make you feel more full.  For instance, if
I eat 10 almonds for a snack, I feel very full, for not very many carbs
(unsalted almonds are about 7 carbs for a small serving like a small
handfull).  You get more bang for the buck.  But if I ate a serving of
pasta, (46 carbs) I'd be hungry again one hour later.

You wrote:
 I'm not a vegetarian, but I really don't eat much meat, simply because I
care for it, (I like chicken, fish ... and most unhealthy meat such as
hamburgers and fried stuff) - Is it possible to eat a low carb diet without
eating mostly meat?

I answer:

Yes, it's possible to concentrate on fish.  It's more expensive, but
ultimately better for you.  Other than that, there's the soy products I
mentioned, which for women of a "certain age" like me are a good idea

You wrote:

 I'd like to try to cut back on carbs in order to decrease spiking of BG's
eating and lose a bit of weight ... but I'm just not sure what I can eat
making a salad every day (I love salad but making it takes too long)

I answer:

Buy those prepackaged salad bags at the super market.  They have all
different kinds.  Then you just pour out the salad and dump whatever you
want on top of it.

My final suggestions are below (and this is only what has worked for me) and
always remember, YMMV!

If you cook with fat, always use a monounsaturate like olive oil or peanut

add nuts to your diet, almonds and peanuts are the best.

The lowest carb fruit to eat on a low carb diet are berries, blackberries,
strawberries, blueberries etc.  Green apples are good, (small ones).  It's
kind of neat to add a little sour cream to strawberries, it's surprisingly
good, try it!  (just a little)

If you have any carbohydrate, combine it with protein of some kind.

Here's what I just do not eat (but you may be able to eat small amounts of
these, YMMV)

I don't eat:  potatoes, pasta, rice, or any white bread.  I seem to be able
to tolerate one slice of dense grain bread per day, like wheat or rye, but
it must be very high in fiber.

With this diet, and pumping, I have been able to acheive an A1C of 5.8 and
with moderate exercise, have kept my weight under control.

Good luck!  Feel free to e-mail me privately.

Warmly, Margaret

Thanks for any advice.
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