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Re: [IP] Re: Important Insulin Pump Question

Summer -

 <<Hhheee hee - do you do this frequently? Was that the selling feature? I can
just see the ads now - fully toilet dunkable!! >>

 I almost hit the toilet when I did a saline trial on the pump prior to Joshua's
pump start.

 Joshua's CDE (who is Type 1 & wears a pump) said that she went to a conference
where the endos, CDE's (non-d) etc. could do a saline trial & when she went in
the bathroom she heard a succession of "thunks" as pumps hit the floor!

 I'm glad I wore the pump though, it gave me tremendous insight into 1)whether
there was pain inserting the site, 2)how to "wear" it 24/7, 3)where to "put" it
while wearing it, etc. A 3-year-old can not tell you specifically if there's a

 He does like the clip 'cause it looks like a cell phone (everyone in this house
has one). But I sew little fabric pouches & then use diaper pins to pin it to
his pj's at night.


Mom to Joshua, 3, dx'd. @ 20 mos.-Pumping Cozmo 6/3/03 & Jessie 21
western Massachusetts

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