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Re: [IP] Florida in August?

The special pass for people with physical needs is available from an 
office (guest services?) on Main Street at Disneyland. I would contact 
guest services before you go. The Fast Pass is available to anyone. The 
special health pass (I forgot the name) can be used on any ride when you 
arrive at the ride. You don't have to come back later. There are special 
entrances that bypass the normal line.  You just show the pass when you 
get to the entrance.


Laura Underhill wrote:

>Hi Summer! I grew up in FL although I now live in North Carolina. Yep, it
>can be quite hot in August...90's+...but I never had any problems with my
>pump. The pass at Disney is available to anyone, you just have to go to
>the ride where you want the Fast Pass (i think that's what it's called),
>then you put your ticket in there and get a pass...and it tells you what
>time to come back to the ride so you don't have to wait in the regular
>line (which can be 1 hour +).  You go to the Fast Pass line and give them
>your pass...as long as it's between the times it gives you. It saves a
>lot of time, but you can only get one at a time...you can't have a lot of
> fast passes at different rides. Have fun!!!!Laura
>************************************************** Anyone
>here live in Florida or been in Florida in the late Summer? Just
>wondering if I need to do anything extra with my pump in the extreme heat
>- I
>really would rather not and just even change out the insulin every night
>something I'd hate to have to put it in something, I know theres the frio
>can it be left alone?
>Also I've heard that people on here have goten a special pass in order to
>wait in line at Disney world and such parks - how do you go about this
>and is it
>just for kids or can I get one too?(I'm 21) and does the pass cover the
>I'm with too? - Might as well get something good out of this whole
>Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
>Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm
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