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Re: [IP] Female with absorption problems/need new site ideas

Hi Pam,
    I'm sorry I don't have a lot of answers for you because I'm struggling
wiht similar problems :(  I started to have major site problems back in
January, and Minimed told me I MUST start using non-abdomen sites.  16 years
of shots and 4 years of pumping there has caused a bit of scarring or
something I guess.
    I've had a little luck with alternative sites though, and I'll tell you
about it in a sec.  FIRST, I wanted to check, are you using the micro size
infusion sets??  Minimed first made them for Sofsets (called Sofset Micros),
and now I use the Quick Set Micros.  I think the difference is like 6mm
canulas instead of 9mm.  SO, the canula is shorter for skinny people like
us, so less chance it will bend AND the insertion needle is shorter so less
chance of pricking blod vessels and stuff.  So that's the best reommendation
I can give, but if you're already using them, then...
    I tried the top of my butt first, but it's really really hard to reach
because unlike all of my friends here in San Francisco, I don't do Yoga
:(  Even though I managed to get it in, I got the biggest bruise ever.  So,
I moved to my legs and have had varying degrees of luck.  What seems to work
a little better is.. the inner upper thigh, not the thig facing front or to
the outside, but toward the inside.  For me, it's a  tiny bit fleshier, less
solid muslce there AND it doesn't rub as much with my tight pants.  Oh, AND
all the junk in my pockets (keys, wallet, chapstick, candy, and phone)
doesn't bother the site like it does if it's toward the outside of the
thigh.  Generally, I've noticed that if I'm sitting around with a leg site,
then I need a higher basal; and if I'm run'n around, I need a little less
basal or more food.
    Lately, I'm rotating my abdomen back in, and the area above naval toward
sides, although I don' have any fat, it usually works ok with those micro
infusion sets, although sometimes I get a bruise or painful site.  GOOD
ciao, Brian

I'LL HAVE PACIFCARE HMO and found several Endos recommended on IP website
available within Pacifcare.

> Hi,

>  can't
>   continue to use the same old pooch area though because my A1C's have
been as
> high as 9 over the last two years. My endocrinologist and CDE have no
> suggestions. I'm in the process of switching to a new diabetes team at a
> teaching hospital (UCSF), but can't get in to see them for two months.
> help!
> Pam Brown
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