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[IP] One Touch Ultra Smart / meter feature wish lists

Hi everybody!
    I just wrote this long email to a pumper individually and thought I'd
share it with everyone just because I'm curious what features others are
looking for in meters.
1. small/tiny overall size
2. very fast (nothing longer than 5 seconds because I'm used to it from One
Touch Ultra)
3. TONS of computer syncing/data-collection capabilities

    The [data] features *I'm* looking for are:
1. basal rates (profiles times, be able to program to meter "right now at
8:30pm I'm using profile B" (which is already programmed in as a profile, so
I just select which one is 'active' right now)... now the next day, I'm back
on profile A, etc. etc.  Oh, and Temp basals like if I put in an Event for
exercise, also be able to mark Temporary Basal adjustments.
2. boluses, all of them in amounts, times, and if square waved over how long
3. exercise, what type (like running, weight lifting, etc.) and how long
4. A1C results

Overall, I expect the meter/software to calculate precisely how much insulin
I've had each day and be able to graph its distribution (and it had BETTER
match my daily totals on my pump).  I don't carbo count very closely, so I
don't care so much about those features.  But I think they should be
available in case I decide to track them for a period to help me tighten
control.  And if all the data is easy to input AND I can manipulate/view it
in useful ways, then maybe I'd be more interested in keeping track of what I
eat.  Oh, I'd also like to be able to input info about illnesses/infections;
if I had good data about this, I better I could tell sooner when I'm getting
sick and how to adjust basals better for it.

A lot of the features I write about here don't actually need to be on the
meter.  I would be happy if they were on the software that I sync my meter
with because I would use the data to analyze how I'm doing - are my basals
appropriate?  What about my boluses?  Any trends?  How does exercise really
affect me?  What about hours later?  Should I do something different with my
eating/basals for exercise?  How have I done with everything over the past
few months?  Does my A1C result make sense in relation to what I see in my
meter readings/data over the past few months?  In this case, I wouldn't even
really want to have to input the basals, boluses, total dailies, etc. into a
meter, I want to be able to beam the data from my pump to the computer, or
meter!  It drives me nuts how Minimed meters have this Infrared Port but
it's unusable, software only available to doctors for a lot of money.

So, the Ultrasmart is on the right track, but not enough for my
satisfaction.  However, I don't know if there's a meter that will satisfy me
any more than the Ultra and Ultra Smart?

ciao, Brian

ps. Perhaps I should send my little wish list to Lifescan????
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