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Re: [IP] Re: anyone tried the new OneTouch UltraSmart?

Hi Lisa, I used the Ultra, then Ultra Smat, and now I use mostly the Ultra
Smart, but the Ultra when I go out (like dates, clubbing, etc.) because it's
smaller.  I like the Ultra Smart, especially the backlight.  Unfortunately,
some things bug me about it - 1. it often doesn't detect when I put a strip
in, like I have to put it in and out in and out and in several times for it
to detect it (anyone else have this problem?  Maybe I should call Lifescan
and complain?) 2. no place to put in pump info (basals) 3. makes me click
"OK" every 25 tests or so, which stinks because I'm off on when I start new
bottles so the feature is just a nuisance 4.to plug into computer I have to
pull the meter out of its slot in the case because the hole is not at the
bottom part like the Ultra 5.the case seems enormous 6. this part bugs me
more than all others: the strap holding the pricker is too thick and doesn't
leave much room to cock it and fire, AND the whole pricker doesn't fit in
the case well (case needs to be a like a centimeter thicker in the middle
where the pricker is).  SO, I guess I would say that I like the Ultra better
EXCEPT I love technology, and the graphs and extended memory in the Ultra
Smart is too attractive to me at this point to pass up and not use.
Everyone has their own preferences, these are just mine :)
ciao, Brian

26, dx 6, pumping since 8/99

From: <email @ redacted>
>  I have been using the OneTouch Ultra since it came out and I love it. I
> seen the new OneTouch UltraSmart advertised and am wondering if anyone has
> it?? Is it worth trading up from my current meter? Any pros/cons to
> Thanks!!
> Lisa
> dx'd 01/92 age 15
> paradigming since 11/02
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