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[IP] Allergic to tape again

Several months ago, I had discovered that my on-going "illness" that lasted
8 weeks was not an illness, but an allergy to the tape I had been using.  I
had been using IV 3000 tape.  So, I called Minimed, and they sent me
samples.  I tried several things, and found that the Tegaderm tape worked
great without problems.

Now, after almost 2 months using the Tegaderm, I'm noticing more and more
reaction to the Tegaderm now!  This is frustrating, because I tried several
different tapes, plus several skin preps, to no avail.  I know there have
been some other very sensitive people in the past.  Has anyone found
anything that has worked without causing a reaction?  (I'm speaking to those
who were highly allergic.)

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