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Wouldn't other things figure into this equation, like how long you told
the pump insulin lasts in your child?  If you said insulin lasts for
four hours, and you gave a correction 2-1/2 hours ago, and now he's at
184 and his goal is 150, maybe the the pump is saying that the
correction will already drop him below that, even including the 14 carbs
your now feeding him.  If you give him insulin for the 14 carbs he's
going to eat, it will make him be too low and you'll have to feed him
more to bring him up.   Just a thought.  I'd like to know the answer to
this one when you find out.  Please post to the list.

Judi in MI
email @ redacted
> So I did a correction bolus. Two
 > 1/2 hours later I tested him & he was at 184 - pretty good right? (His range
 > 100 - 200). So he wants an ice cream sandwich (I gave him 1/2, good mommy)
 > bolused for 14 grams + a correction bolus for 184 bg level. The Cozmo says
 > "bg level will drop below target (150), no bolus recommended" (or something
 > that effect). Now, I just gave the kid 1/2 of an ice cream sandwich, he's at
> & the pump says I shouldn't give any insulin to cover? I called Joshua's CDE,
> she said that I should bolus for 14 grams without the correction & she would
> call Deltec to figure out why the Cozmo was calculating insulin on board that
> was still bringing down a high bg level.
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