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No Subject

 Well, today I discover another Cozmo problem for little pumpers. I gave my son
some "Fruit Gushers" (bad mommy, he won't be having any of them again) & though
I bolused for 40 carbs, his numbers went HI. So I did a correction bolus. Two
1/2 hours later I tested him & he was at 184 - pretty good right? (His range is
100 - 200). So he wants an ice cream sandwich (I gave him 1/2, good mommy) and
bolused for 14 grams + a correction bolus for 184 bg level. The Cozmo says that
"bg level will drop below target (150), no bolus recommended" (or something to
that effect). Now, I just gave the kid 1/2 of an ice cream sandwich, he's at 184
& the pump says I shouldn't give any insulin to cover? I called Joshua's CDE,
she said that I should bolus for 14 grams without the correction & she would
call Deltec to figure out why the Cozmo was calculating insulin on board that
was still bringing down a high bg level.

 Does this make sense? Am I explaining this wrong or am I missing something. I
thought "a carb is a carb" & needed to be "bolused" unless treating a "low".


Mom to Joshua, 3, dx'd. @ 20 mos.-Pumping Cozmo 6/3/03 & Jessie 21
western Massachusetts

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