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[IP] Female with absorption problems/need new site ideas

 I am new to this group and have been reading with interest all the past posts
about site problems, etc. I am at my wits end because I've been on the pump for
10 years and have exclusively used my center abdomen where I have a pooch of fat
(extending about 4 inches below the navel and about two inches on either side of
the midline). This is the only area where I have enough fatty tissue to
comfortably wear any type of infusion set. About two years ago my sugars started
being really erratic and I'm sure it's due to absorption problems from
over-using the same sites.
  At the CDE's suggestion I tried my thigh with no luck (slow absorption just
like when I used to take shots) and also my upper abdomen above the navel up
towards the ribs, as well as farther to the side of my "pooch" more towards my
hip bones (but still in front). None of these other ab sites worked because I
don't have enough tissue there and they immediately turned black and blue and
hurt like heck. I tried the Silhouette and the quickset in the same center ab
area to see if they worked better than the sofset, but no luck. I've been okay
with the quickset on the sides of my hips (love handle area) but those spaces
are limited to only about two or three sites before getting used up. The sofsets
don't work there because I sleep on my side and knock them out of whack. So
basically I don't have any idea where to try next without it bruising and
hurting or absorption being really slow. When I used to be on MDI I stopped
using my arms and thighs because of delayed absorption. I !
  continue to use the same old pooch area though because my A1C's have been as
high as 9 over the last two years. My endocrinologist and CDE have no further
suggestions. I'm in the process of switching to a new diabetes team at a major
teaching hospital (UCSF), but can't get in to see them for two months. Please
Pam Brown

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