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Re: [IP] Any Nurses with Type 1?

HI I was an RN in Canada for 12 years there is no reasin that you can`t be
an RN many of my fellow RN`s were type one as well. I had to go on
disability because of 30 years of complications but you can do it . I worked
nighs days ect. I worked on a heamatology unit it was very stressful we did
bone marrow transplants ect....     Neo Natal is very specialized and takes
a certain kind of person there are goos sories but also a lot of sad stories
you have to be emotionally strong. Don`t just limit your self to one area
explore all the areas of nursing there are some very rewarding challenges
out there. mike in Canada
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> My daughter Katie has planned on becoming a nurse since she was in 1st
> (now going into 7th).  It's been about 2 1/2 years since her dx (pumping
for 2
> years) and she has great control (a1cs in the sixes with few mild lows) .
. .
> Anyways the other day she was wondering out loud if her diabetes would
>  interfere with being able to carry out her nursing duties (she plans, at
> at
>  the moment, to be a neonatal nurse). What worried her was, for example,
if she
> had a patient who needed immediate help at the same time she got hit with
> low.
> I reassured her that there were people with type 1 that did all kinds of
> that dealt with crisis situations (nurses, docs, firefighters, etc.) but I
> know that vague reassurances from MOM are not what she really needs . . .
> Any nurses on the list who can share what it's been like to be one while
> having diabetes and how they have coped with the challenges??
> Thanks!
> Lyndy
> Pumpmama to Katie
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