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[IP] Help with 'Special Instruction to Emergency Team -

Hello fellow pumpers and PoP,

 At work, they are finally going to open the gym. We will NOT have someone there
(like a trainer) so it will be 'exercise at your own risk'. They have a release
form and a form to fill for contact information in case of emergency. In the
emergency form, at the bottom, there is an area to write in "special
instructions and considerations to be given to the emergency team (if any)."
 I would like write some in. I actually did but I do not like what I wrote. I
was hoping those of you that have written similar things could give me your
thoughts. I would like to tell them that:
*I am diabetic (Type 1)
*Use Insulin Pump
 *If found unconcient(sp?) what to do (I, 99% of the time, have my D-bag with me
and my Glucagon and gluco-tabs are in it.) I want to tell them to use the
Glucagon and not to fear it will not harm me (its a hormone.)
*If not making sense (acting out of character) what to do - Give me glucouse.

 I am not as concern with DKA because (I assume) I will have some fare (or is it
fair?) warning of it and that I will not just pass out without any warning sings
from DKA. Low 'symptoms' are hard for me to tell when I exercise since usually
my heart beat is already high (when I go low, I feel my heart pounding and I get
the fear feeling in my stomach), I am already hot and sweaty (when low, I feel
hot and start sweating a bit), I am very tired because I usually exercise at a
very high pace, etc. I always test before and after and accommodate accordingly
to avoid an episode.

 I am pretty careful when I exercise and I try to do it daily. I have gone low,
but I always keep my D-bag with meter and glucose tab (or juice) with me. I
usually catch them before they go too low (@ 55 or higher.) I have never (for
the last year and a half) passed out from a low yet (Thank God!!!). But I would
like to be prepared specially because it might take a while before the actual
true paramedics make it all the way to my Work's gym in the basement. More than
likely it will be our own emergency people whom will 'deal' with me in case of
an emergency.

Well, I hope to hear from you.  Thank you in advance for your help.

 BTW, I had my quarterly Endo visit yesterday. My HbA1C came in at 5.4%!!!!! I
was very happy. I thought it would be much higher since I was so sick last month
(bronchitis) taking antibiotics and the previous month I had to up my basals for
good since I had so many corrections, etc. I guess they were corrected quick
enough :o) A1cs are something I have not been able to 'learn' to predict yet.
They have always been a total surprise. When I think they'll be on the low side
they come on the high. When I think they'll come on the high side they come just
fine or low.

Thank you and Best Regards,
Eloisa and Bombita (MM's Paradigm)
Dxd T1 on 2/11/02 Pumping since 6/02
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