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No Subject

 This is the letter I use. My endo printed it on hospital letterhead and signed
it. I keep a copy folded up in my meter kit. Have only been asked for it once,
and I travel frequently.

To Whom it May Concern:

 _____________ is under my care for medical management of insulin-dependent
diabetes. Her insulin is delivered constantly via an insulin pump. The insulin
pump is attached to a site on her skin through which insulin is delivered. The
pump cannot be removed without jeopardizing her health. Lack of insulin is
potentially life threatening. She must carry medical supplies for using the
insulin pump, administering insulin in case of pump failure, and monitoring
blood sugar levels. These supplies must be within reach at all times, and

Infusion sets for insulin pump
Tubing for insulin pump
Large syringes for refilling insulin in pump
Insulin syringes
Blood glucose meter
Test strips for glucose meter
Lancet device
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