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Re: [IP] Weight control -- what my mama never told me (long)

Hi, Jef.

FOA, thanks for your feedback.

> One pound of fat = 3500 calories.

1 lb = 454 g
1 g fat = 9 KCal
454 g/lb x 9 KCal/g = 4086 KCal.

> I'm not sure I could EVER skip the 'normal' meals

Well, I wasn't sure either till I found I needed to in order to keep
my weight from climbing.

> Calorie needs diminish as older adults adopt a more sedintary (sic)
> lifestyle.

Except I'm *less* sedentary now than when I was a teenager.

> If you increase your daily activity level, your caloric intake would
> indeed need to change.

That doesn't explain my metabolism slowing, which is independent of
my activity.

> Weight loss is a simple formula:
> Weight loss = Calories IN - Exercise Out

Not quite. Weight change = Calories IN - Calories OUT

Calories IN comes from eating. Calories OUT comes from all metabolic
activity, not necessarily exercise. If the sum is negative, one loses

> I wouldn't get too locked into a NUMBER (weight, BMI, anything).

I don't agree. I get very locked into the number that corresponds to
my waist size. And, funny thing, as that number goes up, so does my
weight. Definitely _not_ a coincidence. ;-)

regards, Andy
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