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Re: [IP] Weight control -- what my mama never told me (long)

> 7. One pound of fat is a helluva lot of calories -- about 4000 --
>    or enough to keep me going for almost 4 days. My weight loss of 11
>    lbs., then, would be enough calories to sustain me for over a
>    month. IOW, I need to cut out a *lot* of food to lose one pound of
>    weight.

One pound of fat = 3500 calories.

> a. Why are we led to believe that we "need" three meals per day? I
>    certainly don't now, though I needed at least that as a teenager.

No idea. I usually eat 3-6 meals per day. I'm not sure I could EVER skip 
the 'normal' meals, nevermind my second lunch and supper per day.

> b. Why are we led to believe that we "need" to eat every day? I
>    certainly can't and maintain my ideal body weight.

Again, I from the other end of the spectrum. I NEED to eat every 4 hours 
or so.

> c. Why aren't we ever warned that our caloric needs may diminish
>    *drastically* compared to what we needed as teenagers? I never read
>    this and I never heard this. I've sure enough lived it.

Calorie needs diminish as older adults adopt a more sedintary lifestyle. 
(Granted, I have no idea what your lifestyle is, BUT...)
If you increase your daily activity level, your caloric intake would 
indeed need to change.

> d. If middle-aged adults are to succeed in maintaining an ideal
>    body weight, what do they need to expect to change in the way of
>    how/when/why they eat?

Weight loss is a simple formula:

Weight loss = Calories IN - Exercise Out

If you eat more calories than you burn in one day, there is your weight 
gain. Conversly if you burn more calories than you consume in a day, there 
is your weight loss. Mind you, this doesn't happen in just one day; you 
need to sustain either More Calories/Less Exercise or Less Calories/More 
Exercise for some time to see any changes.

As for normal weight management, have you considered weight training? 
Muscles burn calories/fat much more efficiently. Even light weight 
training will provide many benefits, Even if you never hit your 'goal 
weight' you will LOOK better and FEEL better. (Don't panic, muscle weighs 
more than fat)

I wouldn't get too locked into a NUMBER (weight, BMI, anything). 

Talked with a diatician lately? Personal Trainer? Endo? :)
I'd get them all together and talk about the goals you have.

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