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Re: [IP] Travelling with the pump

Hi Bob,
Not sure where in Europe you are traving from that would involve changing a
flight in L.A., but I can give you some feedback.

I flew from the US to Ireland, through London in 2001, from Ireland to US
direct on the way back, and had no problems either direction.  I just said
it was an insulin pump and didn't need any paperwork at all (which was good
because I didn't have it).

My father has flown round trip to Germany with his insulin pump from the US
and also did not need to show any documentation (which was good because he
didn't have any).

Either we both are lucky and live dangerously, or it is highly overrated.
The main influence will be the airline you are flying and their security,
and the country you are flying through.

I know that someone posted problems flying out of Italy awhile back, but
that had been a language/translation issue.

Sorry I can't point you to a letter, but there may be one posted on the main
IP website.

Good luck!
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Subject: [IP] Travelling with the pump

> Hello!
> Does anybody know where to download an examplary document to be signed by
> physician, that is sufficient to pass the gates at an US airport with a
> and supply?
> I want to travel from Europe to USA and have to change my flight in LA. I
> also have to check in to return.
> I need to suggest something to my physician.
> Thank you for your help!
> Bob
> PS: Thank you for updating me regarding the Deltec Cozmo case!
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