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[IP] Nurses with type 1

My wife is a type 1 diagnosed 17 years ago and has been an RN for 27 years.
She was having a really hard time while on injections, but she has been on
the pump now for 3 months and is doing better. She still has lows sometimes
in the afternoon, but not as severe and not as frequently. She works on a
hospital floor with heart patients on telemetry and people just out of ICU
after bypass, etc. She told our daughter who is starting nursing school that
she would not recommend the profession to anyone. She loves taking care of
the patients and seeing them recover and go home, but the stress and
increased workload from cuts in payments from Medicare and such have made it
hard for nurses to give good care and have time to do all that is required.
The great thing about her situation is that she sees her Endo regularly at
the hospital when he is making rounds and he checks her logs and makes
changes when needed.
If your daughter is dedicated she can have a rewarding career, but the hours
are long and the job stressful. We need more young people to go into the
profession to take care of all us old farts when we get to old age.  

Bill French
Supervisor, Customer Service
Data-Tronics Corp.
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