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Re: [IP] Re: games

> > I wonder how long it'll be before we can download Java-based games
>     onto our pumps, like the newer > cellphones?  :-))

Let me be the mean grumpy old timer here.  Although this seems like a great
idea, what would happen to the battery life of the pump?  My cellphone gets
plugged into the car charger overnight and is happy as a clam in the morning
for me to play games, talk to people, and when the battery gets low I plug
it back in.  The pump runs solely on batteries, and it seems like we are
always comparing battery life and wishing for more.  I'm just thinking that
we would be replacing the batteries daily if there were games on the pump,
not to mention having the pump run low on power at an inopportune time.  I
also do not want to have to plug my pump in to a wall nightly to recharge it
(in case you gathered that from my cellphone statement).

Just a thought,
dxd 8/80 age 4
age...you do the math.
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