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Re: [IP] Paradigm Bolus Stopped Error

I get the bolus stopped message at least once a week.  I just look and
see how much of it went in and reset the rest.  It always goes in the
second time.  It always sounds an alarm when it stops delivering but
there has never been any apparent reason for the stoppage.  Just another
MiniMed-Paradigm bug.  I don't even bother to call them, just reset and
go on.  I've had to many pumps, I figure it's not worth the trouble.  It
continues to work after I reset the bolus to continue.

Regarding the paying for the updates, apparently the "new" features that
we will have to pay for will make the Paradigm be more like the Cozmo,
having math capabilities.  Apparently this is now waiting for FDA
approval.   Somehow the pump software will be upgraded and it will put
in new added features if you want them -- and are willing to pay for

Judi in MI
email @ redacted
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