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RE: [IP] Another Paradigm death; software upgrades


That "bolus stopped" error message sounds pretty scary.  I'd hate to bolus,
eat a big meal, and then find out at my next test that my BG is 400+ because
the pump only gave me .1 units and then quit.  Did it at least sound an
alarm when that happened?

As far as infusion sets go, I doubt that we'll ever see Minimed go with a
non-proprietary design.  They have way too much $$ to lose if they do that.
Somebody may, however, come up with a 3rd-party infusion set that works fine
with one or more Minimed pumps, if they can undercut Minimed's pricing
scheme enough to make it lucrative.

A quick update on my Paradigm saga: I just received my reconditioned
Paradigm this morning (as promised), and amazingly, it is in fact just like
new (also as promised).  It is running software version 2.0a.  My old
Paradigm (the dead one) was running 1.7f.

Amusingly, Minimed included some advertising in the packaging that indicates
that they will be _selling_ software upgrades to the Paradigm in the future.
They claim that they will be adding desirable new features to the software,
and that pumpers will want to purchase it.  I wonder how long it'll be
before we can download Java-based games onto our pumps, like the newer
cellphones?  :-))

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