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Re: [IP] Any Nurses with Type 1?

I have been a T1 for 28 years, and a critical care nurse for the past
7yrs, and no it shouldn't interfere with her becoming a nurse, but she
will have to maintain good control and be aware when she is high or low
so she can make the adjustments while working.  Also the Americans with
disabilities act is on her side.  Good luck....Scott

>>> email @ redacted 06/17/03 13:07 PM >>>
My daughter Katie has planned on becoming a nurse since she was in 1st
(now going into 7th).  It's been about 2 1/2 years since her dx (pumping
for 2 
years) and she has great control (a1cs in the sixes with few mild lows)
. . . 

Anyways the other day she was wondering out loud if her diabetes would 
 interfere with being able to carry out her nursing duties (she plans,
at least
 the moment, to be a neonatal nurse). What worried her was, for example,
if she
had a patient who needed immediate help at the same time she got hit
with a 

I reassured her that there were people with type 1 that did all kinds of
that dealt with crisis situations (nurses, docs, firefighters, etc.) but
know that vague reassurances from MOM are not what she really needs . .

Any nurses on the list who can share what it's been like to be one while
having diabetes and how they have coped with the challenges??

Pumpmama to Katie
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