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Re: [IP] Question about telling people at work

On 6/17/03 7:27 AM, "Sherry Nolan" <email @ redacted> 
>Seriously, I am going to be teaching 8th grade Mathematics in the fall
>(Algebra, and Pre-Algebra)and am trying to figure out if I should tell my
>students I am diabetic? How I should tell them? When I should tell them?
>What should I tell them?
You can use the pump to your advantage in showing how you use math daily, by 
incorporating it into an entire unit of how math is used many times 
 daily.......how much gas can you get at a certain price for $10.00, grocery
skills (comparative shopping....28 ounces for $3 vs 18 ounces for $2.25), even 
counting carbs, calories and/or fat grams per meal, day, percentage of meal 
being fat, etc. 
I think that it would be a great time to introduce the pump then, saying one 
way you use math daily .......
The exercise could lead to having them do a report on how math would be used 
in their choice of career....Just some thoughts. Hope it helps. 

On further note, I changed schools between 9th and 10th grades. Made A's in 
 9th, D's in 10th and B's in the 11th. The 10th grade I had taken algebra and it
was a much harder school, I didn't have good study skills and the teacher 
"didn't really care" if you passed or failed. The next year, 11th grade, I 
 thought I was crazy taking the next algebra/advanced math course in line. I was
 probably going to fail, I'd barely passed the last course. Instead, I made B's!
The difference? The teacher ! If you didn't understand something, she took the 
time to review and to work with you individually. I have learned that school 
depends on how hard you work, but also on the teacher who is willing to work 
with you. I have no doubt that you will be great. Good luck, Tina
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