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[IP] Important Insulin Pump Question.

Okay folks,
 I have a really important question. I'm starting a pump information program and
will be switching to an insulin pump in the very near future. I know that the
pump program will probably push me toward to Medtronic Insulin Pump, but I want
to make my OWN decision...and I will have the opportunity to.
 I want your HONEST opinion on your insulin pump. Do you love your pump? Which
one is it? Why did you pick that particular pump? Would you switch insulin pumps
if you could?? What pleases you so much about your pump?
 I have a VERY active lifestyle... and I'm sensitive to insulin. Also, I have a
particular interest in the Anamas pump?? What're your opinions!
PLEASE help me and give me your thoughts on your pump!
Christina Hanford
email @ redacted

liz <email @ redacted> wrote:
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> Seriously, I am going to be teaching 8th grade Mathematics in the fall
> (Algebra, and Pre-Algebra)and am trying to figure out if I should tell my
> students I am diabetic? How I should tell them? When I should tell them?
> What should I tell them?

my flippant and silly side of the brain thought that maybe you could use the
pump, blood sugars and stuff for math questions. :) "if teacher's basal
rate from midnight to 7am is .6u/hr, from 8am to 3pm at .7u/hr, and from 3pm
to midnight at .5u/hr, and a 100u vial of insulin costs $25CAN, how many
times will teacher have to test in a 24 hr period?" *grin* ok, maybe not
quite like that, but you could have fun with it.
looking back, if a teacher of mine had diabetes, i would have been just fine
with him or her telling us about it. doesn't hurt for them to know the
signs of low blood sugar either. if school isn't for learning, than what is
it for? ;)

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