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Re: [IP] Square wave bolus

    As Hamlet said "Ah, there's the rub."  Hmmm, I confess, I'm not nearly
as scientific about my doses as most of you other IPers are.  I was when I
first began, but then...  my endo says "carbo counting etc. is not an exact
science..."  So to be perfectly honest, I guess.  But my guessing is not as
bad as it sounds because the way I do things is like, I usually eat about
the same each night and I usually bolus about 6.0 units for dinner.  SO, if
I'm at a party grazing *instead of dinner* then I just square wave 6 units.
If I drink champagne, then maybe more.  If I'm chowing down on desserts, I
may give a normal bolus too, or increase the square waved amount.  If I'm
eating carrots and ranch dressing and not many carbs, then I stop the square
wave or even suspend for a bit if I feel like I'm not eating enough to cover
what I've already bolused.  Oh, and if I start feelling hypo, there's almost
always punch or sugar sodas (yucky!  I prefer my delicious Diet Coke thank
you).  Part of the key is testing, I always have my One Touch Ultra Smat in
my jacket pocket, and what better way to impress a new handsome guy than by
pricking a finger in front of him?!  Haha, just kidding.  What complicates
my little system here is when I go to my Asian friends' dinner parties
because I'm not as good at guaging carbos and stuff.  So there you have it,
my big confession and explanation.
ciao, Brian

26, dx 6, pumping since 8/99

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "RoseLea" <email @ redacted>
> At 11:34 PM 6/16/03, you wrote:
> >RoseLea,
> >     Hi, the reasoning for my sqaure waving a bolus at parties is that
> >whenever I stop eating for an extended period of time, I just hit suspend
> >and start again to cancel the square wave bolus, so I don't get low (from
> >stopping eating).  This way, it's a matter of stop bolusing when I stop
> >eating instead of constantly remembering TO bolus every few bites.  It
> >works for me.  Everyone's got to figure out what works for them :)
> >ciao, Brian
> So, how do you know how many units to square wave?  4 units, 8 units, 10
> units?  This to me would be more confusing than just counting what I ate
> and bolusing for it.  YMMV.
> RoseLea
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