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Re: [IP] Square wave bolus

At 11:34 PM 6/16/03, you wrote:
>     Hi, the reasoning for my sqaure waving a bolus at parties is that
>whenever I stop eating for an extended period of time, I just hit suspend
>and start again to cancel the square wave bolus, so I don't get low (from
>stopping eating).  This way, it's a matter of stop bolusing when I stop
>eating instead of constantly remembering TO bolus every few bites.  It just
>works for me.  Everyone's got to figure out what works for them :)
>ciao, Brian

So, how do you know how many units to square wave?  4 units, 8 units, 10 
units?  This to me would be more confusing than just counting what I ate 
and bolusing for it.  YMMV.

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